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4"X8" Brick Pavers

Simplicity, Sophistication and Versatility

Customize your hardscaping project any way you want it with these 4"X8" Brick Pavers. The tried and true shape of these brick pavers combine simplicity with sophistication and versatility. These pavers will look great whether you install them in running bond, basketweave or herring bone patterns.

4"X8" available in 1", 2 3/8" and 3 1/8" thickness


These pavers are and excellent choice for Driveways, Patios, Pool Decks, and Walkways.  

Antiqued to create a ruggedly distressed look, this 4X8 brick is flexible and creative. Its worn appearance mimics the streetscapes of historic Phildelphia or Chicago.


4"X8" available in 2 3/8" and 3 1/8" Pavers

Park Plaza Pavers

The Park Plaza Pavers are available in three distinct shapes and can create some of the most classic designs in Landscape Architecture.


Use like-sized stones together or mix and match with other products to create an unlimited number of design possibilities. With multiple colors for each shape, you can further customize the look of your pathway or patio.

Available Thickness:


8"X8"X2 3/8 Full Size Pavers

12"X12"X2 3/8 Full Size Pavers

12"X12"X1" Remodel Pavers

16"X16"X2 3/8 Full Size Pavers

Park Plaza Pavers boast exceptional durability, easily capable of withstanding extreme climate temperatures. They are also moisture resistant and can withstand years of heavy foot or vehicular traffic. Use them for creating paver walkways or complete patios and you can even use them to turn a dull concrete driveway into a timeless masterpiece.

Bishoe ideal for Hat Pavers are ideal for creating anything from pathsways to patios. It's triangular shap works great with the Park Palza 8"X8" Pavers allowing you to create a variety of patterns.


Bishop Hat Pavers can be used to complement any kind of backyard time thanks to an impressive array of colors to chose from. Pick colors like Autumn Blend or Oak Run to add a rustic charm to

your yard, or go for a natural or white for a clean and beutral theme. There will always be a color that will match the rest of your landscaping projects.


Bishop Pavers are designed to withstand harsh weather conditions, making them resistant to hot summers and boasting an impressive life span.

Each piece is strong enough to withstand heavy foottraffic and can also be used for sprucing up your driveway. Bishop Hat Pavers also provide great traction, making them safe to walk and drive on even when whet.

Bishop Hat Pavers add a classic appeal to your driveway, patio, lanai or pool deck.


Dimensions: 4"X8"X11 7/8"

Available Finishes: Standard

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Hexagon Pavers

The Imposing 16" profile of our Hexagon pavers mimics the Old Colonial sidewalks of the Northeast. Originally developed for Jacksonville's historic Riversaide community, Hexagon suggests the vintage Victorian appeal of turn of the century city streetscapes.

Hexagon Pavers add a classic appeal to your driveway, patio, lani or pool deck.


Dimensions: 16"X16"

Available Finishes: Standard

Shellstone Pavers

Available in 4:X8", 12"X12" and 16"X16" sizes, this ground-face product blend oyster shells and coquina-shell finish with an airy coastal appeal for borders, pool decks, lanais, walkways, porches and more.


Available Thickness:


4"X8"X2 3/8" Full Size Pavers

12"X12"X2 3/8 Full Size Pavers

16"X16"X2 3/8" Full Size Pavers


Available Finishes: Standard