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Stonehurst Pavers


Patio, Driveway, Walkway, Outdoor Kitchen, Pool Deck? Which area of your home

would you like to infuse with old world sophistication and rustic beauty?


Stonehurst Brick Pavers are available in two finishes and nine standard colors and provide an unrivaled solution to all of your hardscaping needs. The natural slate stone finish of these premium pavers give your home an elegant and upscale appearance.


Premium Stonehurst pavers should be your choice for projects requiring beauty sophistication and longevity. These pavers can be used for large complex areas as well as entryway stairs, patios or any other backyard landscaping project.



Paver Dimensions:





Available Thickness:


1" Remodel Pavers

2 3/8" Full Size Pavers

3 1/8" Full Size Pavers

The Stonehurst Pavers have a slightly textured appearance which reduces the slickness of the paver surface making it suitable for any outdoor application. For an Old World look these pavers can be tumbled (only 2 3/8" and 3 1/8" pavers). The Stonehurst is perfect for residential driveways, pathways, lanais, pool decks and much more.

Tuscany 4" Antiqued Pavers

A unique split-faced paver mimicking granite cobbles with an exposed aggregate and black-like finish.


Tuscany offers panache and elegance and is often the paver of choice for high end entryways and streetscapes.


Available thickness:


4" Full size pavers

Athens Antiqued Pavers

Bring the nostalgic feel of Europe straight to your yard with the Athens Antiqued Pavers. Each paver has a natural weathered finish that will turn an otherwise band walkway into a timeless wonder. These 8"X12" pavers are ideal for hardscaping projects that are aiming for Old World inspired themes.


Athens Antiqued Pavers are available in six colors, allowing you to customize your hardscaping project according to your preference or for making your walkway or patio match perfectly with excisting hardscape features. The colors are designed to resist fading ensuring they will always look great.

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